cd-rom and its support


Check up your drive CD-ROM on speed
Check up files on your disk on good read
Check up a surface of a disk and mechanics of a drive
Opinions FIDO-user on any cd-rom (rus) cd-quest.rar (57k)

CD rippers

rippers and player for your drive (dos)
rippers for "bad" cd such as "samsung" or "lg" (dos) (6k)
rippers (dos), on "funai" 8 grab on x8 without mistakes (under 2 as) (67k)
rippers (os/2)
rippers (os/2) (76k)
coding in mp3 with VBR (os2) (112K)

The driver

Universal DOS the driver

Emulators CD-ROM

If program very(very much) wants to work with , and you it would not be 
desirable it on hdd, for example, Is, palm off on it these 
emulators cd:,
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