The different programs for PC

The programs for dos

The circuit of alteration of a separate output(exit) of a signal and bell in
АВУ in general(common) For connection of the modem: (7k)

The description of the registers of the modem the courier: (pdf) (400k)

Frequently set questions on a sound card GRAVIS: (18k)

FAQ по hardware (cd-rom, hdd, motherboard, soundcard, ...)E. Muzichenco: (178k)

FAQ по priners (cpf, robotron и дp): (73k)

QUALITAS MEMORY TEST - very good test of the RAM: (27k) (127b)

Loading grafic fonts in shadow-memory:
sf177_2.exe (110k)

The terminal program, contains the telephone book, calculator, on Russian Language:
usmc.rar (198k)

Set instrumens (pat) for GUS and programs such as CUBIC, TIMIDITY and similar,
The sounding is changed: (1.4M), (1.4M), (1.4M), (370k)

Viewing any format AVI, MOV, WAV (and compressed), animated GIF; work in DOS sesion OS/2 (240k)

Viewing mpg,dat,vcd, work in DOS sesion OS/2: (99k)

Universal unpucker of executed files: (36k)

Upgrade network card for increases longest work as at 3com: (1.8k)

Laser link: (36k)

Copy programm with computer on computer via ipx, only need net.bat from games:
ipxodi : (77k)

Set for russification the video BIOS (contains well readable fonts):
rusbios.rar (32k)

Russian BIOS for video card CL5446: (21k)
Access in to fat32 for dos:
drfat32.rar (28k)

Last Byte 2.31 - addition UMB under a chip set on mainboard:

test on compatibility: (36k)
The main package (inside one file - a fitter, another - utilities) (400k)
reg - string in config.sys:

Umbdrv - addition UMB under a chip set on mainboard: (48k)

convert programm

base 64: mime64.exe (37k)
quoted-printable - text: uncode.exe (2k)
uue: (11k)
866-koi8-mac-win/866-koi8-mac-win dos: (21k) , os/2 (1k)
Convert in any codepage, on a mask and with enclosed directories(OS/2):
mconvp.arj (50k)

The programs for os/2

The driver under a videocard CL5436/46, update fast switching and ubsent vdm: (1.18M)

Драйвер hpfs386, позволяет увеличить размер кеша более 2х мегобайт, ускорить дисковые операции (от Авpоpы): (570k)

Tame - улучшение мультитаска, очень полезна для нефиксеннго мерлина (дос сессии)
(в autoexec.bat поместить строку типа d:\tame\tame.exe /tiny /ts os2 /i): (147k)

Fix кернела от MERLIN на предмет загрузки под 100% дос-сессий: (12k)

Плеер mp3: (66k)

EIDE driver with support for Intel, VIA, ALi, SiS, CMD, Promise, Cyrix,
HighPoint and AMD chipsets, and generic busmaster support for all SFF-8038i
compliant chips, v.Release 1.2.0: (194k)

This version work with "promise 66": (50k)
Autor, Daniela Engert:
daniela.jpg (4k)

Правленный плеер mid (играет патчами от CUBUC-а): (186k)

Timidity++ 2.7.0 OS/2 port rev.1, может гpузить банки sf/2: (466k)

TimidMSD - можно игpать миди системой чеpез timidity (а не FM-синтезом)
в пакете убpаны исходники, добавлен exe-шник и дока на pусском по установке:
timidmsd.rar (360k)

Установка OS/2 v 4.0 на hdd размером более 4х GB: (139k)
idedasd.exe 13-oct-98 (130k)

Set dll for start of the programs porting from *NIX (EMX 0.9d): (550k)

Update ppp up tcp/ip 3.0 (vs of a pause dialing): (565k)
Update ppp up 1.18b (149k)

Russian fonts, need for install drivers video card S3: (300k)

Game "Quake1" full screen and VESA videocard support: (200k),

FI setup - for install JAVA 1.x.x and other programm: (920k)

Set for madeing local WEB-server (ver2): (233k)

GPMail: Fido-mailer, GUI v1.0 b7:
GPM10b9.ZIP (501k)

Home Page G.P.Mail:

Installation IPX, ndis for ne2000 and rtl8029 in a complete set: (110k)

Trassing of printed-circuit-boards with additions: (2.9M)

Set for add DCI to winOS/2 (for video card S3): (38k)

4ut: (1.7M)

One disket router: (work on 386 8MB, no HDD) (1MB)

Qu-Player/2 - playrs MPEG (1.0/2.0/2.5, Layer I/II/III), RIFF WAV
(PCM, MS-ADPCM, A-Law, u-Law) и RAW (PCM) files:
qu2_099b.rar (315k)

Archivering bacup of textual files (such as tree with files.bbs): (8k)

Generator HTML (cgi) from fido-squish of post base:
sqcgi.rar (33k)

Driver for sound card Yamaha OPL3saX:
os2v304.exe (99k)

VIOTBL.DCP With well readable symbols (rus+engl) : (8k)

Ray Gwinn's comm drivers for OS/2, V1.60d (vmodem v1.21 work
in "Aurora", no reg, regsio incl):
sio160d4.rar (203k)

display driver for old svga card (trident, cl542x, tseng, etc):
svga_drv.rar (180k)

Convert djvu - pnm (87k)

Tornado BBS, last stable (1.70alpha/25-Mar-99): (370k)

LFB - filelist builder v.2.4 (dos. dos386, os/2): (217k)

Dll divx :) 4.01 for warpmedia player: (130k)

Ftrack/2 3.03 (exe only):
ftrack_os2.exe (280k)
Drivers for netcart rtl8029: (7k)

Programm Comander/2 - shell, many tuning and virtual desktops: (1.53MB)

lanscan /2: (430k)

Peter Moylan's FTP daemon: (640k)

Chage bad's pmmerge fix5 acp: (1MB)

pmmerge test: (1MB)

Bootable-repair floppy's, unpacker included

Kit to connect in to FIDO

dos Kit to connect in to 2:5033/11:
fido_new.rar (1.4MB)

T-mail os/2:
t2607o.rar (330k)

T-mail win32:
t2607n.rar (380k)

Super fast Fido-tosser Regina for OS/2

Last stable:
Rg05b088.rar (398k)
rg05b104.rar (473k)
RexxHook v0.01b build 0004 for Regina-Tosser/2 v0.05b build 0098+:
RxHk004.rar (31k)


The documentation and FAQ to Regina-tosser:
rg-txt.rar (21k)

RgStat ver.1.0, Regina-tosser/2 statistic tool: (29k)

KillFDMBF: (20k)

RgTwit.rar (5k)

The programs for windows

By the way, about the Japanese poetry:
Yesterday all in the order,
And now all was covered -
In it essence Windows.

Move w95 from C: on other partition / disk:
mustdie.rar (300k)

Viewing CD-I, VCD 1.0, VCD2.0, MPEG under WIN 3.1x and WIN95 (v3.23): (1.3M)

doom utilities and wad

Nice wad for deathmatch (skill 5) and singl (skill 4) (doom2): (21k)

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